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About the initiative

The market leading golf retailer, trader and insurer have come together with Immobilise to tackle the problem of golf equipment theft. We invite all industry stakeholders to participate to the benefit of Golfers everywhere.


Clubs, Traders, Insurers & Retailers

Protect your members and customers by encouraging registration on www.immobilise.com.  There is no charge to you or them for joining in and spreading the message. For clubs we can provide deterrent messaging materials at a small cost. For traders and insurers, we provide services to help you avoid stolen property and to validate claims.

Golf Iron

Get Involved

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For Golfers

Stolen clubs are located everyday. All too often they cannot be returned simply because there is no record of who owns them. Registration deters theft, increases repatriation and may be the difference between a suspect being released by police or charged with theft. You can help traders, investigators, and insurers in the industry to help you. What's more it's completely free to register your clubs and any other property you want to protect at www.immobilise.com. Register now to start protecting your property.

Clubs not serial numbered? No problem

Registered property needs to be readily identifiable to traders, police and finders. Many clubs these days have serial numbers on the head and shaft. Those that don't can be marked with any unique marking product such as the ImmobiGolf marking pack, available from American Golf, GolfClubs4Cash and Shop.immobilise.com.